Magazine-Style Photography

Images that stand out and make buyers fall in love with your listings


Magazine-Style PhotographyOur magazine-style photographs don’t just “document” a home; they emotionally connect buyers (and selling agents) with it. Each shoot is pre-planned, prepared for, lit, and styled for maximum impact. We  use “slice of life” scenes that convey a feeling or tell a story about the home. Enhanced lighting, stunning colors, beautiful composition, and careful styling make each image stand out in the crowded market.

Magazine-Style Photo 2

These types of photos are ideal for exceptional properties, motivated sellers, commercial buildings, resorts, and other properties where you want photos to sell, not just show. They make compelling ads, flyers, Featured Home articles and other printed marketing materials.


Services Available


  • Photo project consultation to strategize, set goals, and prepare
  • Sourcing props, etc.
  • Lite home prep, de-cluttering and moving furniture to maximize impact.Magazine-Style Photo - Monarch Bay
  • Slice-of-life scene setup with appropriate props and styling
  • Enhanced lighting to maximize emotional impact
  • Enhanced digital retouching includes removing unwanted objects, replacing gloomy skies, correcting exposure in windows, etc.


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